Tethered Stylus for Honeywell 9900, 5-PACK


Stylus & Tether, 5 Pack

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12 Months


New, Aftermarket Part
These styluses aredesigned to work with scanners, so you can easily reach the screen while keepingthe stylus tethered. The tip of each spare stylus glides across your screen toprecisely activate the right area without scratching or otherwise damaging thesurface.
  • The stylus tip ismanufactured with ultra smooth surface to ensure the tip is free of burrs andparting lines.
  • Elastic tether is coiledand remains close to the terminal to minimize the chance of snagging ortangling on objects. The coil tetherstretches easily to allow the user to easily use with terminal.
  • Coiled tether is moldedwith a rugged TPE material to withstand harsh environments and keep shapeduring frequent stretching during use.
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