Stylus for MC3000-G & MC3190-G, 5 Pack
Stylus for MC3000-G & MC3190-G, 5 Pack

Stylus for MC3000-G & MC3190-G, 5 Pack


Stylus & Tether, 5 Pack

In Stock.
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Condition: New Aftermarket Part
This replacement pack for the MC3090 gun stylus is well-designedto extend the life of the touch screen. The stylus tip is manufactured to havean ultra-smooth surface, free of burrs and parting lines.

  • The tip glides across your screen to precisely activate theright area without scratching or otherwise damaging the surface. The slim pencil-like stylus is easy to holdand handle to avoid accidentally tapping icons or buttons on your screen thatyou don’t intend to hit.
  • This ultra-smooth surface ensures that your screen is freefrom scratches and fingerprints. The smooth tip allows precise control overyour device applications.
  • Replacement for Motorola P/N: 8710-050300-11
  • Each pack contains five spare styluses so you can outfiteach device in your office.

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