SE-1200WA Scan Engine


Scan Engine, SE1200WA

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This is an UNDECODED module; you will have to use software to decode
the barcode data. The decoded version is the SE1223. Note: the WA in
the number means Wide Angle.


1 Power - Supplies power to the engine. 5 VDC ± 10%; approx 60 mA
(130mA max)

2* Range Limiter - When low, scanner range is reduced. When high, or
not connected, scanner operates with full performance. (Also called

3* Laser Enable - When low, the laser is enabled only if pin 4
is also low. Laser is off if high or not connected.

4* Scan Enable - When low, the scan motor runs and all circuitry is

5 Digitized Bar Pattern - This output represents the widths of the
bars and spaces in the symbol being scanned. An internal 10K ohm
pull-up resistor is used. Valid DBP data should not be expected for
about 55 msec after both Laser Enable and Scan Enable are active.
high = bar, low = space

6 Start of Scan - This output changes from high to low, or low to
high, when the scanned laser changes its direction of travel at either
end of the scan line. An internal 10K ohm pullup resistor is used.

7, 8 Gnd - Ground

* Minimum impedance between this pin and pin 1 is 1K ohm

From the drawing, it looks like pin 1 on the connector is the side
towards the center of the scan engine. There is usually an
arrow/triangle molded into the connector to indicate pin 1.

Being undecoded, there really isn't much of a protocol. Scan Enable
starts the mirror moving. Laser Enable turns the laser on. You
should start seeing the SOS signal transitioning (indicating mirror
movement). Any changes in the light picked up by the photodiode in
the module are squared up by the (analog) circuitry and sent out the
DBP signal. Your system times the widths of the bars and spaces and
figures out if it represents a valid barcode (of the types you are
interested in).

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