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DEX Cable for Motorola MC55 / MC65 / MC67. Replacement for OEM# 25-127558-02R.
A well-designed stylus will extend the life of the touch screen. The stylus tip is manufactured with ultra smooth surface to ensure the tip is free of burrs and parting lines. This helps to minimize abrasion and potential scratches to touch screen surfaces.
Elastic Tethers for Motorola Zebra MC55, MC65, & MC67. Pack includes five styluses and 5 tethers.
Elastic strap with retaining pin for MC55, MC65, MC659B. The hand strap allows you to hold MC55 or MC65 comfortably and securely when working with it over extended periods of time. Replacement for Motorola SG-MC5523341-01R.
2.4V NiMH backup battery provides power to a system when the primary source of power is unavailable. Compatible with all MC3100 configurations.
Industrial USB Charge and Communication Cable from the Terminal to Host system. Compatible with Motorola MC55, MC65, and MC67 series mobile computers. Charging requires Power supply (PWRS-14000-249R) and country specific two wire ungrounded AC power line cord. Replacement for P/N: 25-108022-01R, 25-108022-02R, 25-108022-03R, 25-108022-04R
Charge-Only Cable, Compatible with MC55/MC65/MC67. Replaces OEM P/N: 25-112560-01R Requires Power supply (Part# PWRS-14000-249R) and AC Line Cord (Part# 50-16000-182R).
Touch screen with adhesive.
Foam gasket with 3M adhesive. This unique adhesive has ultra-strong adhesion to ensure the gasket securely bonds with the LCD while sliding the LCD in the housing.
Gasket for 1D Scan Window. Designed for Motorola MC55, MC65, and MC67 series. Adhesive Included. Adheres with top shell.
Gasket for 2D Scan Window. Designed for Motorola Zebra MC55, MC65, and MC67 series. Adhesive included. Adheres with top shell.
Scan / Antenna Cap for MC65
Alpha-numeric bezel for Motorola MC55, MC65, and MC67 series.
Alpha-numeric bezel for Motorola MC55, MC65, and MC67 series.
Alpha-numeric Keypad for MC55, MC65
Alpha-numeric Keypad for MC55, MC65
Screw Kit for MC55 & MC65 Bezel. Sold as pack of 8 pcs.
Plug for MC65
Overlay, Numeric
Overlay, Numeric
NEW replacement keyboard for MC67NA and MC67ND numeric models. The PCB is compatible with MC65, and MC55x numeric models if used with P/N: CIMO6711.
Side Key Switch
Vehicle Charge Cable for Motorola MC55, MC65 and MC67 terminals. Replacement for OEM P/N: VCA5500-01R
Docking Connector for Motorola Zebra MC55, MC65, MC67 series.
3.5" LCD for Symbol Zebra Motorola MC55A0, MC67. OEM P/N: N81
Battery release kit includes a metal bar, spring, release key and two screws for fastening the metal bar with the housing.
Replacement scan flex for MC67
NEW replacement keyboard for MC67NA.
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