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I/O Connector
Docking connector for CN3 Cradle
Replacement for OEM P/N: 236-194-001. For use with RS232/DEX Adaptor (850-578-001). Includes thumb screws for secure attachement.
Closed-cell foam gasket is bonded on top and bottom side of digitizer. Bottom foam gasket has two adhesive layers for bonding with LCD and digitizer. Top foam gasket has one adhesive layer for bonding digitizer only.
New docking connector assembly for Intermec CN3e and CN4e. Assembly includes all components seen in picture.
Elastic hand strap for Intermec CN3e, CN4e, and CN3f series. Replacement for OEM P/N: 203-853-001.
Elastic strap with metal head assembly for Intermec CN3 series. Provides added safety against accidental drops of mobile computer while on the move. Replacement for OEM P/N: 203-814-001
Phone-style numeric keypad for Intermec CN3 and CN4 long models.
New touch panel bonded to LCD model# T-51963GD035J-MLW.
Numeric overlay for Intermec CN3e & CN4e. Overlay includes 3M adhesive and release liner.
CN3 Radio 802.11 / Wifi + Bluetooth
Reset Switch for Intermec CN3, CN4 and CK3.
Snap-On Adapter for CN3
Anti-reflection coating reduces glare and enhances laser transmission & readability. Scratch resistance coating prolongs optical clarity by reducing the appearance of hairline scratches caused by abrasions, chemicals, or weathering.
Stylus Cover for Intermec CN3, CN3e, and CN4e terminals.
These styluses are designed to work with scanners, so you can easily reach the screen while keeping the stylus tethered. The tip of each spare stylus glides across your screen to precisely activate the right area without scratching or otherwise damaging the surface. The stylus tip is manufactured with ultra smooth surface to ensure the tip is free of burrs and parting lines. Elastic tether is coiled and remains close to the terminal to minimize the chance of snagging or tangling on objects. The coil tether stretches easily to allow the user to easily use with terminal.
POWER/CHARGE CABLE to connect Intermec vehicle dock with truck power connection. Replacement for OEM P/N: 226-109-003, 226-215-101
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