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I/O Connector Assy. for CN70
Closed-cell foam gasket is bonded on top and bottom side of digitizer. Bottom foam gasket has two adhesive layers for bonding with LCD and digitizer. Top foam gasket has one adhesive layer for bonding digitizer only.
Docking Connector
EV12 Scan Flex for Intermec CK3
EX25 Scan Flex for Intermec CK3
Alphan-numeric keypad for CK3 series.
New touch panel bonded to LCD model# T-51963GD035J-MLW.
Lower Shell Assembly for Intermec CK3A and CK3B series. Replacement for OEM P/N: 714-706-003 Assembly includes all components seen in pictures above.
Overlay, Scan Window
Overlay, Alpha-Numeric
Reset Switch for Intermec CN3, CN4 and CK3.
Scan window includes: anti-reflection (AR) coating, scratch-resistant coating, foam gasket adhesive, & release liner. Anti-reflection coating reduces glare and enhances laser transmission & readability. Scratch-resistant coating prolongs optical clarity by reducing the appearance of hairline scratches caused by abrasion, chemicals, and weathering.
Side bracket set for Intermec CK3 mobile computer. Set includes right and left bracket and 4 screws.
Hand Strap
The set includes 5 soft tip styluses and 5 coiled tethers. Coiled tethers include quick disconnect connectors to facilitate easy assembly with terminal.
Top Shell for Intermec CK3A and CK3B. Top shell includes all features shown in pictures. Adhesive with release liner is applied to bottom section for bonding/sealing with keypad assembly.
WiFi module for CK3a1 and CK3n1 mobile computer with a DDIB 802.11a/b/g radio. Installed is Wi-Fi certified for interoperability with other 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN devices.
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